Vont's Weekend In 5 Pics (5/17/24-5/19/24)

Saturday was Colt's 30th birthday (yeah... he's old)! He invited me to Pryes for his birthday a couple of weeks ago and I told him I'd go. Friday I saw him in the hall and said "is your party tomorrow or Sunday?" His response- "tonight". I panicked but I'm glad I asked!

This was my first Art-A-Whirl and to be honest, it was confusing as hell but it was beautiful outside!

Met up with my friend and street teamer, Jess, and her kids for a beer. (Jess and I had beers, not the kiddos) We walked around for a bit, checked out the live band and got beers. We met up at Sociable Ciderwerks in NE Minneapolis.

Sunday I woke up early, met with Colt and his wife and we met up with Falen and her family to take a pontoon out in Waconia. This was my first time out on a boat in a lake in Minnesota and although it was windy and cloudy, it was still BEAUTIFUL!

We got lunch at this dope spot at the dock where I tried fish and chips (I know, typical). Overall, it was a great weekend before the holidays and I had my thighs out ALL weekend so I'm satisfied.

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