Vont's Weekend In 5 Pics (5/10/24-5/12/24)

Saturday morning I had no particular plans but I knew it was TOO nice to stay indoors so I left the house. I live near the Sculpture Garden so when I drove by I saw the Art Fair going on so I stopped by. I'm a big Law & Order fan so I bought this from one of the vendors there. I also tried an egg roll for the first time... was NOT a fan.

Then, I drove up to Lake Bde Maka Ska and just walked along the trail. I cannot stress enough how beautiful it was and how much I just genuinely needed the walk to clear my head.

Not sure exactly what this is but I'm sure you do... LOL. There was a place where you could rent paddle boats and they also had food and stuff on one strip of Bde Maka Ska. I literally just sat outside, enjoyed the live music that was there for a bit, and hopefully tanned.

I was Bob the Builder this weekend! I ordered this shelf I'd be eyeing on Amazon for a few weeks. It came in a week or so ago so I finally put it together. Now to go buy little knick knacks and things for it!

I feel like I always end these off with food. Sunday's I like to make dinner to meal prep for the week. These were chicken tenders made with cereal. I knew it sounds gross but they're actually more common than you think. I also cooked them with potatoes with a garlic herb seasoning. Let me know if I should start TikTok-ing my attempts at being a chef and putting you onto new recipes.

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