Vont's Weekend In 5 Pics (5/3/24-5/5/24)

Kicked off my weekend SPECTACULAR. I was rushing out to get a haircut when I woke up to my being missing from my parking garage. Literally not even 9am on Saturday and this happened so I had to go on a hunt to figure out what happened to it.

I went to this event in St. Paul called 'The Black Market' (...I know, terrible naming). It's just a flea market for a small black businesses that happens once a month. You should definitely look into it - there's always food startups, local artists, etc... While walking around, I heard someone yell "Vont?" That voice was Shanise, owner of DK Scrubs and KDWB listener so it was cool getting to meet her.

I did what the kids do these days and went to the mall to buy a couple of things on Saturday night. I bought a few outfits that I'm not sure how they're going to fit on me... I need to go running and drop a couple of pounds.

On my way home from MOA, I drove through this beautiful sunset. I'm a sucker for a nice sunset so I had to do some illegal things, risk my life and capture this photo while on the highway.

I had plans but they fell through, however I wasn't going to let that stop me from celebrating Cinco De Mayo so I went to Nico's - a Mexican restaurant in the Twin Cities I frequent. This was my first time at the one in St Paul which was nice. They had live music and face painting for Cinco but I got seated in the back patio where none of that was going on, so flop I guess? At least I got my margarita!

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