War Of The Roses: "Ashley's Home Improvement"

On this "War Of The Roses," Tommy and his wife, Ashely, are struggling to make ends meet. They are both working two jobs- four jobs between the two them. They keep falling behind on bills, but they really want to have a kid together. Unfortunately, they cannot afford one at the moment. Ashley came up with an idea to start a phone sex line to make extra money because sex sells! They are making a ton of money from this phone sex line.

However, Ashley is taking it a little too far. Tommy has found a webcam and sex toys in one of the rooms in the house. Apparently, Ashley is posting videos of herself online with a vibrating tool belt... The agreement between Ashley and Tommy was that they would only do phone calls. Why is Ashley posting videos of herself online under the name Milly? Listen here:

Sean 'Hollywood' Hamilton

Sean 'Hollywood' Hamilton

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