There are Three New Dole Whip Cones at Disney World (PHOTOS)


OMG these are so cute!! The Dole Whip at Disneyland is one of, if not THE most popular treat at Disney parks (for me personally it's the churros).

Now they're getting bit of an upgrade!! There are three new super cute cones you can choose from to go with your Dole Whip! Not only do they look yummy but they're so pretty!

On hot days in Florida, this is going to be the perfect spot!! These three new cones have arrived at Disney World. They come in Lemon, Mango, and raspberry flavors and are themed to different Disney characters!! One is themed after the Lost Princess from Tangled, the Hei Her cone from Moana, and my fav, the adventure is out there from the movie UP.

Each flavor is dairy-free (yay Vegan friendly, minus the toppings)!!

Make sure to try these next time you're at the Magic Kindgom!

Letty B

Letty B

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