Chance the Rapper's Verses That Kanye Cut from Famous and Waves


Congratulations once again to Chance the Rapper for winning the Innovator Award for Groundbreaking Accomplishments in Music and Dedication to Helping His Community at the iHeart Radio Music Awards last night.

I was talking about him with some friends and brought up this video that has been out for awhile now, but they hadn't seen it.  In the aftermath of him winning the award, I thought it would be a good time to highlight it again for those that maybe hadn't seen it yet.  Even if you have seen it, it's always a good time to listen to his genius again.

Chance originally wrote Famous and Waves for Kanye West for his album "Life of Pablo." They don't sound like this on the album because Kanye changed them.  Ye is a legend, grant him that, but these verses are FIRE and should have never been messed with.   I'd love for Chance to release the originals.

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