School Cancels Halloween, Celebrates "Black and Orange Spirit Day" Instead

A school in Massachusetts has decided that they will no longer celebrate Halloween because it's not "inclusive."  Instead, they will celebrate "Black and Orange Spirit Day" on October 31, where the kids can dress in the colors black and orange, but they will not be allowed to wear costumes.

I can't be the only one who is tired of this kind of nonsense.  I don't even understand the reasoning--it's not "inclusive?" ??? If someone isn't included, it's because they are choosing not to participate, and that is their right, but why make it so no one can participate?  I think it's silly that they would change the name, but that isn't even what bothers me the most, it's not allowing the kids to dress up.  Dressing up is all the fun of it when you're a kid, and it's not harmful to anyone.  

I hate it for those kids, and I hate that political correctness has infected Halloween, because when one place does it, it's possible for other places to do it.  I sure hope this doesn't become a thing down here.

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