Is This Man The Ultimate "Star Wars" Fan?

Fisher here! So you know I'm HUGE "Star Wars" fan. I'm sooo ready for December to get here for the new movie!  My favorite vehicle (if you want to call it that) is the AT-AT, which stands for All Terrain Armored Transport.  Every since I saw " The Empire Strikes Back" when I was a kid, I've loved them. Heck, I've got a sticker of one on my personal truck (thanks to Mattie).  So when I came across this story about an Ohio man who built a two-story high replica, I was blown away!  The man used wood, hard foam, and plastic to make it.  The thing that got me was that he said he isn't a "Star Wars" fanatic, but he thought the display would be unique.  Umm, I would so put this in my yard! (my wife would probably kill me though!) Check out how the AT-AT was assembled, how long it took to build, and pictures of this "Star Wars" beauty by clicking the link:

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