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The #PuberMe campaign isn't just helping Puerto Rico, it's adorable too!

#PuberMe is a hashtag campaign started by comedians Nick Kroll and Stephen Colbert in which they challenge celebrities to tweet awkward photos of themselves from their teenage years. For every photo tweeted with the hashtag, Colbert will make a donation from his AmeriCone Dream Fund, which Kroll will match, to aid Puerto Rico after Hurricane Irma.

I'm grateful that Colbert is taking action for Puerto Rico. There are a lot of people that need help and he's not just talking the talk, he's walking the walk.

Aside from the serious nature of his charity, I love that we all benefit from the awkward young photos of celebrities.  There's something about seeing the stars look just like we all did growing up that is comforting and relatable.

Kristin wins the most adorable award!

meh, Colbert hasn't changed.

Patton so stinkin cute you wanna pinch those cheekies!

Hate to break it to you Danica, but no matter how grown you get, this is how I picture you in my mind, always and forever. Wonder Years was must see TV growing up.

Conan O'Brien looks like a cartoon version of a good little Irish boy.

No surprise with Fallon's...he looks like you'd think he'd look.  Ocean Pacific, OP, was so cool back then.

Of course Seth Rogen is drunk... off peach coolers no less.

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