Runner Helps Collapsed Competitor Cross Finish Line

Jesse Orach, a 23 yr old runner, was about to win a 10K race in Portland, Maine for the second year in a row.  However, he started suffering from heat stroke, and despite trying to run through it, he collapsed right before the finish line.

The guy in second place, 34 yr old Robert Gomez, could easily have won, but instead he picked Jesse up, ran the last few feet of the race with him, and pushed him across the line.

Orach was so out of it, he didn't know he won, and was immediately taken to the medical tent where his temperature was 107 degrees. Luckily he ended up okay.

Gomez said he'd never won the race before, only getting as high as 3rd place in 2010, but he said Orach ran the better race and deserved to win.

What a show of true sportsmanship. Even though Gomez didn't come in first place, I think he still won.

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