This Packaging Design on Sour Patch Kids Went Unnoticed for Years

I LOVE Sour Patch Kids.  Looooooove them.  My favorite is the all Berry flavored bag.  I like the new tropical flavors, and of course the OG original gang of flavors is always awesome.  I'm even down with the watermelon, strawberry, and fruit shaped bags.  You could say I'm addicted.  I wouldn't disagree.

I think most people know that candy packaging is bright and colorful to entice more customers, but Sour Patch Kids contains a packaging design that I never noticed before. 

I just found out that the orange "splotches" that runs along the edge of a Sour Patch Kids bag is actually the outline of hundreds of Sour Patch Kids.  Like, a whole squad of kids has been hanging out the whole time, and I have probably eaten a million bags and never noticed.  Mind blown!

I'm not the only one who didn't know either, Reddit user Toms42 posted the image and it's gone viral with people sharing the newfound discovery.

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