Ryan Reynolds FaceTimes with Terminally Ill 5 yr Old

Ryan Reynolds called a terminally ill boy on FaceTime while on the set of Deadpool 2.  Daniel is a huge fan of Marvel, and he absolutely loves Ryan so this really lifted his spirits.

"This is the moment a five-year-old boy has his dying wish granted when he gets a call from his hero Ryan Reynolds - on the set of Deadpool 2. Marvel fanatic Daniel Downing has just months to live after being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. His heartbroken family from Plymouth, Devon, were given the devastating news earlier this month after taking him to the opticians thinking he just needed glasses. But they are now just trying to make his final days as special as possible. And they said the youngster's spirits were lift immeasurably with the 15-minute FaceTime session with his idol."