Woman Leaves Kid in Hot Car, Asks Cops to Crank the A/C on Her Way to Jail

A South Daytona mother was charged with child neglect following allegations she left her 5-year-old son in a scorching vehicle for close to 30 minutes while she shopped. 

Police said they checked surveillance footage and discovered Walker, who brought her 3-year-old daughter with her to the store, had been inside the Dollar General for about 28 minutes.

The temperature inside the vehicle was 107 degrees, the report stated. The boy’s vitals were checked by paramedics and he was found to be OK, police said.

The woman, named Colleen Walker, argued with the police saying that it wasn't a big deal, but they arrested her for child neglect.

While they drove her to the police station, she complained that the back of the car was too hot and asked them to crank the air conditioning.  She's facing 5 years in jail if she's convicted.


The idea that this woman can't comprehend how she did anything wrong is beyond me.  If it was too hot for her in the car, then it's obviously way too hot for a child!  Not to mention leaving him unsupervised is dangerous in itself.  Thankfully there was someone in the parking lot that day that had enough good sense to call the police on this woman.

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