Stranger Gives Kid His Pants So He Could Walk at Graduation

Leroy Solis Jr. was supposed to graduate from high school last week in San Antonio, but his Principal told him that he would not be allowed to walk across the stage because he was wearing jeans.  Leroy's father couldn't afford to buy dress pants for him, and the principal refused to allow him on stage unless he changed.

There was only a few minutes left before the ceremony started when Leroy saw a guy in the parking lot who was wearing pants.  He explained the situation to him, and without hesitation, the guy told him to take HIS pants.  They switched pants in a car, and Leroy made it back in time to walk across the stage for his diploma.

His sister posted the story on FB because they don't know the guy's name, but they want to find him and properly thank him for his kindness.  

It's amazing how one good deed can mean so much to another person, God bless the mystery man who helped out Leroy that day.

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