They're Making Marshmallow Only Lucky Charms!

As you sitting there eating your morning bowl of cereal, your mind can wander to a lot of different things.  Did you ever wonder what it would be like if you could get a marshmallows-only box, without any of the cereal getting in the way? If you did, your dreams might come true...

From USA Today:

General Mills is making childhood dreams come true by giving away 10,000 boxes filled only with marshmallows. This month, marshmallow-enthusiasts can purchase specially-marked boxes of Lucky Charms that have a code on the inside back panel of the box. 

Consumers can find out if they won a box of the marshmallow cereal by entering the 14-digit code at 

Good luck to you if you try to win one of these boxes!

They've actually done this before in 2015.  At that time they only gave away 10 boxes, but so many people wanted them that they decided to do 1000 times more this time around.  

The video below is of a guy who got his hands on one of the original 10 boxes from the giveaway in 2015.

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