The Sneaky Ol' Untie His Shoes Basketball Trick

In the NBA the Bulls are playing the Celtics in the playoffs--a fact which I have to declare since I don't follow basketball much and only had a vague idea that basketball and/or hockey playoffs are currently happening.

I bring it up because this sneaky guy Robin Lopez actually made me laugh out loud during Game 4.  Lopez of the Bulls lost his shoe under the basket.  Jae Crowder of the Celtics picked it up and tossed it out of bounds.  Lopez obvi got a little miffed about that, so he manhandles Crowder and then he UNTIED CROWDER'S LACES!!

Seeing a grown man act so childish like that is hilarious, especially when you take into account that they are professional athletes in a playoff game. Boys will be boys, and I guess men will be boys.