Sex and the City - Alternative Opening Credits

There was an alternate scene that was never used for the opening credits of "Sex and the City." Apparantly, the producers and the creator Darren Starr were not sold on a tutu outfit, so they filmed alternate scenes with different outfits.  SJP and the costume designer loved the tutu however, because they felt it showcased how Carrie was "dancing" her way through life the city, and in the end, they won out.

This scene in the blue dress was left on the cutting room floor until now.  I actually really like it!?  I think I like it even more than the one they used. It feels more real.  I can definitely see myself stumbling a little and getting embarassed in front of a guy, and I love how she just shakes it off and walks away smiling.  The scene where she gets splashed by the bus just seems a little too contrived, however, I agree that the tutu outfit makes more sense for Carrie Bradshaw so I can see why they chose the one they did.

Regardless, I just got all in my feelings for those bygone days of Sex in the City.  Remember how different it was?? Remember how daring it seemed?  Remember how we all categorized our friends into Carries, Samanthas, Charlottes, or Mirandas?  I remember.

And for nostalgia's sake here's the opening scene that we all came to know and love.  

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