Laser Cut Vin Diesel Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Sometimes huge strides in technology are a blessing to the world, like when medical machines are invented that end up saving lifes.  Sometimes huge strides in technology are completely meaningless, like when a laser cutter is used to make a ham sandwich that looks like Vin Diesel.  

Forwarning, this video is a massive waste of 6 minutes. You really are going to watch a bunch of pieces of ham stacked up to slightly resemble a human form. If you get through the whole thing, I suggest that you tag a friend who is a Vin Diesel fan so you can pass on the waste of time.  Two wastes of time negate themselves so you'll end up on the positive side of the space time continuum.  That's the main reason I wrote this blog, to get my time back.  (Also because I think Vin Diesel is kind of a meathead.)