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Judge in Casey Anthony Trial Doesn't Believe Explanation For Caylee's Death

Casey Anthony Sentenced For Lying To Law Enforcement Conviction

Photo: Getty Images

Belvin Perry, the judge that overseed Casey Anthony's trial for murder, recently addressed the latest docuseries that makes bold claims over Caylee's death.

The docuseries claims that George, Casey's father, allegedly molested Casey and Caylee and hid the fact that Caylee drowned in their family pool.

Belvin does not believe the latest story from Casey and claims that she has shifted the blame to many people throughout the trial and after.

Perry also believes that there was no evidence to suggest molestation or that Caylee allegedly drowned in their family pool.

Casey Anthony: Where the Truth lies will be released on Peacock on November 29th.

Why do you think Casey Anthony is making these claims now concerning her daughter's death?

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