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What's The Fastest Drive-Thru? Here's the ranking from a national study.

McDonald's Retains Rank As Largest Single Restaurant Brand In The World According To 2012 Sales Report

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If you're hungry and in a hurry, where do you go?

Chick-Fil-A was #1 last year, but in terms of speed, the restaurant finished towards the bottom (largely because of the number of cars in line). The 22nd annual Drive-Thru Study from QSR and Intouch Insights claims the chicken chain has the slowest national average drive-thru experience at 8 minutes and 29 seconds.

The fastest was KFC, which got customers in and out in an average of 5 minutes and 2 seconds.

Ranking in terms of speed, KFC was followed by Taco Bell, Hardee's, Dunkin', Carl's Jr., Arby's, Burger King, McDonald's and Wendy's.

McDonalds, Arby's and Burger King scored the highest, in terms of accuracy.

What's your go-to drive-thru?

More on the study CLICK HERE

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