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Woman Drops Apple Watch On Ride, Ends Up with $40K In Fraudulent Charges

Using Black Apple Watch Sport

Photo: Getty Images

This is a Disney trip she won't ever forget.

A woman who dropped and lost her Apple Watch while on a ride at EPCOT Center in Florida last month filed a police report saying someone racked up $40,000 in fraudulent credit card charges as a result.

A few hours after the watch fell from her wrist when she was "fidgeting" with it, the woman reported that someone started using her American Express credit card that was hooked up to her Apple Pay.

Some people, however, are questioning the story since an Apple Watch is automatically locked once removed from the user's wrist (until the correct PIN is entered.)

Disney security was also informed but said her Apple Watch was never located.

Do you think this story is true? Have you had something similar happen? 

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