Mark Wahlberg has gained 20 pounds for a new movie role

Actor, Mark Wahlberg, has gained 20 pounds for a new movie role, and plans to gain an additional 10 pounds. Mark Wahlberg is eating approximately 7000 calories a day, to achieve his new weight-gain goal. This is almost 3 times the normal recommended calorie intake. Luckily, Mark Wahlberg is working with doctors and nutritionists to make sure his health and safety are closely monitored.

  • To reach his weight loss goal, Mark Wahlberg wakes up around 3:00AM and starts his day. Over the course of a day, here is a list of the foods he eats:
    four eggs, followed by a workout
  • six strips of bacon, 8 eggs, one cup of rice, two tablespoons of olive oil, and a protein shake.
  • a protein, such as hamburger patty, ground turkey, meatloaf, plus another cup of rice
  • half a chicken, one cup of rice, one cup of cooked spinach, and one cup of beets
  • 8 oz of veal or pork chop
  • 4 oz salmon, with another cup of rice and beets
  • 8 oz of steak + 8 oz of a white fish + vegetables
  • mixture of oatmeal, applesauce, jelly/jam, almond butter, and molasses before bedtime

No word of how many cheat days he has built into his diet. :)

Photo: Getty

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