"I'm Ready To Be 100% Vegan", Katy Perry Tells 109 Million Followers

Katy Perry told her fans on Twitter that she’s,“95 percent ready to be 100 percent vegan…”

Perry has been sharing vegan recipes on her Instagram for the past several months. Fans praised the singer for making the lifestyle change with some even saying they planned to join her on her vegan journey. 

Katy isn’t alone however, the “American Idol” judge said her dog, Nugget, would also be going vegan and that he’s been enjoying vegan meals with her over the past four months. 

That comment sparked controversy as one fan commented,“Don’t put your dietary choices on your dog. If you want a vegan pet, get a rabbit. Unless your vet has diagnosed an allergy to all meat protein sources, feed your dog a balanced, feeding-trial proven diet.”

Photo: Getty

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