Here are the most anticipated Pop albums of 2021

Pop music looks to have some of the biggest names in music release albums this year. 

Adele’s album is to be announced, she did mention during a wedding she attended last year, that an album was on the way, however it looks like the pandemic has put it on hold for now. 

Billie Eilish has already released three singles,“Everything I Wanted,” “My Future” and the latest drop“Therefore I Am,”  with all of them reaching the top ten on the music charts, making her upcoming album one of the most successful of 2021 before the album is even named. 

Justin Bieber has recently released “Lonely,” “Holy” and“Stuck With You”with all of them marking a success for the Pop sensation, however, it’s been five years since his last albumPurpose and Changes, so it’s possible another one is on the way. 

BTS churns out music at a record pace so even though the kings of K-Pop released an album last year it’s not too far-fetched that another one is on the way. 

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