How to Order a Toasted Chestnut Praline Cold Brew at Starbucks

If you're looking to switch up your holiday Starbucks orders, you may want to try the Toasted Chestnut Praline Cold Brew!

While the name of this is a lot to prattle off to a barista, there is a "simpler" way to ask for the drink.

This secret menu item comes from the coffee lovers at and you'll want to order it by ordering a Venti Sweet Cream Cold Foam Cold Brew with no vanilla. Then ask for three pumps of toasted white mocha, two pumps of chestnut praline, as well as two pumps in the cold foam, and then the chestnut praline topping.

So...maybe that isn't easier to order. If you're wanting a unique drink this holiday season, though, it's worth a shot!

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