Are mask mandates Constitutional?

As state and local governments across the US either mull over or go ahead and implement mask mandates, many Americans wonder if such action is constitutional.

The City of Kearney, Nebraska, is one of the latest local municipalities to issue a mask mandate. The City Council unanimously approved the emergency ordinance Tuesday night. Though, it does include some exceptions.

KGFW News reports Councilman Randy Buschkoetter, a long-time Social Studies teacher, addressed the issue of constitutionality during the special meeting:

"The Constitution doesnotempower the national government with the ability to do this, but it is areservedpower for the states. The states are left with the issue of health and safety issues. And with that, within the state is municipal governments, county governments, local governments, to try to do things locally; so, they fit in each individual community. So, the constitutional argument does allow states to do exactly what we're contemplating today. So, that's not an argument against it."

Are you in favor of mask mandates?

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