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Kershaw county woman scammed out of $20,000. Here are some tips to help.

A Kershaw county woman was scammed out of nearly $20,000, and is now working towards figuring out what to do now. Susan Brundage received multiple phone calls with various scams, from calls saying she qualified for a grant, to scaring her into thinking her social security number was compromised by drug dealers.

One of the calls said she qualified for a federal grant, but she needed to pay taxes or distribution fees to South Carolina.

With each phone call, the scammers seemed convincing, and she fell for it. She went and purchased gift cards, with each call, and these gift cards totaled almost $20,000.

There are a number of red flags that you should watch for, to make sure you do not fall victim to such scam calls.

  • When unsolicited callers, ask you to verify personal/identifying information over the phone
  • When you receive a check, and asking you to cash it, and then wire/send the money to another account/location
  • Attempt to scare you into thinking you may be arrested or wages will be garnished.
  • Ask you to wire transfer money or purchase prepaid/reloadable gift cards or debit cards, and give them the information over the phone.
  • Caller poses as federal, state, or local law enforcement or other government official.
  • Caller presents a time-sensitive deal, that yo have to act NOW or you won't get the offer or deal.

South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs says that people who have become victims to such scams should report them, but unfortunately, so many of these scams go unreported, due to the stigma of falling victim.

To report a scam, log on or call 1-800-922-1594.

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