Here's how to NOT embarrass yourself on Zoom

With students and teachers going virtual with their lessons and a hefty amount of the workforce still doing things remotely, it’s time to face the fact that Zoom is a thing. And since you don’t want to become a meme or part of a ‘Zoom Fails’ compilation on YouTube, it’s time to master the basics of digital meetings. Here are some things to remember the next time you connect:

  • Assume your webcam and microphone are always on. Never take your software’s word that things are “muted.” And that goes double for your camera. Assume you’re always one glitch away from seeing you’re in your birthday suit on the other end.
  • Look for the lights. If you’re using your laptop, it most likely has a small light that turns on when the webcam is in use. When you go to shut it down, make sure that’s off before you go on your merry waytexting while you should be paying attention.And just a reminder, that light has nothing to do with your mic. Don’t be that guy caught audibly sighing in the background.
  • Cover up your webcam. Paranoia is your friend when it comes to keeping your video off your boss’s screen. Get a little piece of tape or cover up your cam if you don’t have a shutter built into your machine.Just give your FBI guy a wave goodbye before you do.
  • Use a different device for personal stuff. If you’re watching Netflix on your laptop and someone calls on you to share your screen, you know you’re going to mess up that click and show everyone you’re watching “The Office” again. If you simply can’t pay attention in meetings, quadruple check that your mic and cam are shutdown and tinker around on a different device.


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