Apple unveils the new versions of the iPhone 12

Just in time for the holidays, Apple had their annual #AppleEvent today.As expected, they rolled out the sleeker, thinner Apple 12 and an Apple 12 mini. Also, as expected, CEO Tim Cook announced that the Apple 12 is built with 5G capability. This means that, even in crowds in cities with 5G capabilities, the phone will continue to perform at a high rate of speed.

The Apple 12 will come in black, white, red, green and blue. The retail prices for the Apple 12 models are: Starting at $699 for the mini; $799 for the Apple 12; $999 for the iPhone 12 Pro.

Apple, also, announced the HomePod Mini speaker system. Each speaker, available in White or Space Grey, retails for $99. The speakers can act as intercoms when placed throughout the home because it has voice recognition. If you have speaker set up in the same room, they an act as a "stereo pair." The new HomePod Mini speakers will be available to order starting November 5th.