Because it's 2020: TWO named storms in the Gulf of Mexico, simultaineously

TROPICS: Twin Gulf Storms

Tropical Storm Laura forms, as it heads towards the Northern Leeward Islands.

Two tropical systems brewing in the Atlantic have a strong chance of entering the Gulf of Mexico simultaneously and slamming into the Gulf Coast on the same day --something which has never happened.

The National Hurricane Center is tracking Tropical Storm Laura, which is moving west-northwest near the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, and Tropical Depression 14 is moving toward Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and into the Gulf. The twin storms, which could become category 1 hurricanes early next week, are expected to affect the entire Gulf Coast from Texas to Florida on Tuesday or Wednesday. 

WPDE: Tropical Storm Laura storm information

WPDE: Tropical Depression 14 information

(Orlando Sentinel)

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