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Here are the most common nightmares according to new survey

Half of Americans have cheated on their partner – in a dream, according to new research.

Have you ever felt mad at someone for something they did to you in a DREAM? 42% of people in a new poll said yes. It also asked about nightmares in general. Here are the ten most common nightmares we have, according to the poll . . .

1. Being chased. 40% of us have had a dream where someone was chasing us.

2. Falling.

3. Being attacked.

4. Running late for something.

5. Being lost or trapped somewhere.

6. Waking up late. So "being late" made the list twice.

7. Someone you love is dying.

8. Being visited by a deceased loved one, or a ghost.

9. YOU are dying.

10. Being left by your significant other. A few more that just missed the top 10 were being back in high school . . . being naked in public . . . and your teeth falling out.

The survey also found the top things currently keeping us up at night are coronavirus news . . . personal life stress . . . and general aches and pains. 

NY Post

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