A small number of local restaurants plan to wait to open their dining rooms

Starting back today, restaurants may reopen their dine in service, but with some restrictions:

  • Inside, restaurants must limit capacity to 50% of occupancy set by fire marshal
  • Spacing tables to comply with social distancing guidelines
  • Restaurants to do employee screenings
  • Restaurants to post proper signage and other guidelines

Some local restaurant owners are working with the new DHEC guidance, and for various reasons are waiting to open their dining rooms, or modify their reopening plans: (see a few examples here)

Meanwhile, a large number of restaurants are opening their dining rooms, starting today, with the new guidelines. If your plans are to dine-in, at your favorite restaurant, call ahead, or check their social media, to verify they are indeed open for dine-in service.

Below are a few posts from local restaurants, announcing their dining rooms are open:

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