MUSC Health Florence lifts some visitor restrictions

MUSC Florence

MUSC Health Florence lifted some of their COVID-19-related restrictions and guidelines.

Effective Monday, May 11, all MUSC hospital entrances will be open. MUSC will continue to screen patients and visitors at the points of entry of the hospital or clinics. There will still be screenings for visitors before they are allowed to enter, and if they've experienced symptoms, within the previous 48 hours. If a visitor experiences symptoms consistent with COVID-19, the visitor will be asked to return home to recover there.

According to a press release from MUSC Health Florence:

New visitor guidelines:
Day Hospital and Surgery
•Only one screened and approved supportive care person will be allowed to stay with the patient.
One screened and approved supportive care person will be allowed to stay with the patient. The identified supportive care person will be the only visitor allowed for the duration of the inpatient admission (alternating or switching of supportive care persons will not be permitted).
Children age 12 and under are not allowed to visit.
COVID-19 Positive or COVID-19 rule out
•There will be NO visitation for COVID-19 positive patients or COVID-19 rule out patients.
(Note: For asymptomatic inpatients requiring a COVID-19 screening test in order to undergo a procedure who currently have a supportive care person at the bedside, the supportive care person will be able to continue to stay as a visitor at the bedside. If the COVID-19 test results are positive, visitation will end, and the visitor will be asked to leave the hospital.
End of Life visitation:
• For patients who are actively dying who are not COVID-19 positive or COVID-19 rule out, additional visitors may be permitted to visit.
MUSC Health is offering FREE Virtual Urgent Care at to anyone experiencing COVID-19-like symptoms who are residents of South Carolina with the promo code COVID19 at checkout. Anyone experiencing COVID-19 like symptoms are strongly encouraged to use this platform.

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