Update: McMaster announces retail stores and beaches shall reopen.

On March 30th, Henry McMaster closed SC beaches. Effective 12:00PM April 21st, the executive order to close those beaches, piers and beach accesses will be lifted. While the beaches will be re-opened, the social distancing guidelines, will remain in effect. Groups of 3 or more could be dispelled, if law enforcement find there to be a threat to public health.

On April 3rd, Gov Henry McMaster restricted some retail operations to pickup / delivery ONLY, such as furniture stores, flea markets, florists, shoe stores, department stores, and other non-essential businesses. Effective at 5:00 PM today (April 20, 2020) that order shall be cancelled. However, these businesses must comply with social distancing guidelines, as directed by the state. Operations will be limited to 20% of posted occupancy or 5 customers for every 1000 square feet in the establishment (whichever is smaller).

There is no decision on schools for the remainder of the school year. The governor's office is working with the state superintendent, and is still considering data before making a final decision.

Watch the entire press conference here:

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