My review of the new Netflix series, "Outer Banks", 5/5 Hearts


The series follows four teens as they live on the Outer Banks, and chase after $400M in lost gold. You'll find a great storyline, action, drama, and little love story.

First, I wanted to get something off my chest... THIS was not filmed on the Outer Banks. I know, because I grew up there. There are trees that are not indigenous to the OBX, in most of the shots. Some lighthouses featured in the series, do not exist on the Outer Banks. If you can look past some of the inaccuracies, you'll LOVE this series.

The writers did manage to nail down and capture some things that are pretty accurate about life on the Outer Banks. Some things about the culture, were pretty spot-on! As you're social distancing, this is something to binge-watch.

There are 10 episodes, and this series will leave you wanting more!

-Denis Davis

Photo: Getty

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