MUSC to screen all hospital visitors for COVID-19

MUSC Health Florence and Marion Medical centers are beginning screening all visitors at points of entry into the hospital. MUSC Health Centers are discouraging visitors from being on site if they have recently visited an area where there's been a high level of transmission of coronavirus.

Visitors will be asked a series of questions, as part of the screening process, and visitors must not have any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 before granted entry into MUSC.

According to a release from MUSC:

Effective today, MUSC will screen all visitors at points of entry to the hospital. Specifically, this will be a symptom-based screen where we will ask visitors if they’ve experienced fever, coughor shortness of breath in the previous 48 hours. For any visitor who is well andhasn’t experienced any of these symptoms, they’ll be able to visit our hospital as they normally would.
For visitors who are experiencing these symptoms, we will kindly ask them not to visit MUSC Health and to leave and head back home and recover there. MUSC Health will work with symptomatic visitors with extenuating circumstances such as having a gravely ill loved one, by asking them to wear a mask throughout their time in the hospital. Children under 12 and adults age 80 and older are strongly discouraged, but not prohibited, from visiting patients.
MUSC Health is offering FREE Virtual Urgent Care at to anyone experiencing COVID-19-like symptoms who are residents of South Carolina with the promo code COVID19 at checkout. Anyone experiencing COVID-19 like symptoms are strongly encouraged to use this platform.

Photo credit: provided by MUSC Health

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