Samuel L Jackson could be the voice of your Alexa

If you've ever thought Alexa needed some show business, then your prayers have been answered! Amazon has announced plans to introduce celebrity voices to be the voice of Alexa!

Me personally, I'd love Alexa to have snarky responses and maybe the occasional F-Bomb. Samuel L Jackson will be the first celebrity Amazon will introduce. Samuel L Jackson could be the voice of your Alexa for 99 cents (or $4.99 if purchased after 2019). You could purchase a CLEAN or EXPLICIT version of the Samuel L Jackson voice of Alexa.

More celebrities are expected to be introduced to Alexa in 2020. No other names have been announced.

Amazon is using new technology to make the voice of Alexa to be smoother, with more natural speech patterns. The idea is similar to the improvements to Siri in iOS13. The idea is to make the voice sound more "human". Other improvements on Alexa includes "frustration detection", which will determine if Alexa is screwing up a request, and try to apologize.

Read more here: Verge

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