Latest update: Frank Eason accepted a new job offer.

Former Sam's Club employee of 20 years, Mr. Frank Eason, was recently 'laid off' from the Florence area Sam's Club back in July. Frank has autism, and lives independently, and relied heavily on his work, as he does not draw any disability income.

Since posting the story about Mr Frank Eason, the GoFundMe page, has generated more than $24,400 in financial support for Frank. In addition to the support on social media, donations via GoFundMe, Frank has received a few offers, and is now in the process of figuring out which one is the best fit!

According to family member, Rachael Altman,

Accepted job offer! Will let you know when he signs papers!

Frank Eason has accepted a job offer at Harris Teeter in Florence. Their location is at 5-points in Florence.

Frank signed papers today, and is a new team member at the Florence Harris Teeter location. Frank's new role will be bagging groceries, keeping up with shopping carts, and other support operations.

Link to the GoFundMe Page here:

Update: GoFundMe to benefit Frank Eason tops $24K, and more good news - Thumbnail Image

Update: GoFundMe to benefit Frank Eason tops $24K, and more good news

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