Season 33 of The Amazing Race [spoiler]

The Amazing Race is poised to begin the new season, season 32, on CBS. The hit tv show is a competition, with teams of two, who must complete in challenges and tasks all around the world. The players compete, for the huge cash prize, of one million dollars.

Filming of season 32 was completed months ago, and according to Reddit, filming of season 33 was set to begin, July of 2019.

Reddit post - filming of season 33

While leaving work Saturday morning, (July 20, 2019), I saw two gentlemen that seemed lost in the radio station parking lot. It seems, season 33 of the Amazing Race has made its way to Florence SC! The pair was kind enough to pause to take a quick selfie, as they were on their way to the next leg of the race. (They seemed in a hurry, and didn’t comment on too much about the show, and politely refused a ride to their checkpoint.) 😂

To my new friends competing, good luck!

Denis with TAR contenstants

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