Check out these bad date stories.

Everyone loves a little romance in their life and to find it, we have to deal with dating, for better or worse. Some underwhelming dates are just a case of not having chemistry, but sometimes, things go so badly, you end up with the date from hell. Think you’ve been there?Check out these stories about the worst date people have ever been on.

  1. This is why you shouldn’t go to a psychic on a first date- When her date took her to see a psychic, who told them things wouldn’t work out for them as a couple, he cried during the two-hour drive home and said he didn’t see the point in dating if they weren’t going to end up together.
  2. Beware of super creepy compliments- She met her blind date at a coffee shop and says he was so high he kept telling her she was as beautiful as the brick wall they were sitting next to and that her skin “looked soft enough to be made into a robe.”
  3. Sock-related shenanigans were the least of her worries- The morning after hooking up with her date, he freaks out when he can’t find one of his socks in her spotless room. After ransacking her room without finding it, he was finally getting ready to leave when his car was towed. She took him to pick it up, which made her late for work, but then he didn’t have his wallet, so she had to pay! She blocked his number right after that.
  4. Bottomless breadsticks don’t make up for this- After getting wine drunk at Olive Garden, her date punched the windshield out in her car when she offered to drive him home because he was belligerent.
  5. Keep your lists to yourself- She says the date wasn’t terrible, but when she got home, he texted a list of all the things he didn’t like about her. She says, “‘I don’t feel a spark’ would have sufficed.”

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