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The 10 Pieces of Advice Brides Wished They Followed

Before you get married you get a LOT of advice about the wedding. You'll ignore most of it, because that's just human nature . . . so maybe this can be your guide of what you should actually listen to.

A new survey asked people what wedding advice they got that they wish they'd followed. And here are the top 10 answers . . .

1. Relax and enjoy the day, 43%.

2. Take more pictures, 35%.

3. Stick to your budget, 30%.

4. Pay more attention to the little details, 26%.

5. Plan for the unexpected, 24%.

6. Create a wedding album, 24%.

7. Serve good food, 21%.

8. Create a guestbook, 15%.

9. Print a wedding book, 14%. (Note that this study was commissioned by a company that prints wedding books, which is why this is even on the list at all.)

10. Save stationary and keepsakes, 14%. 


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