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Darlington officials are asking you avoid this area of Bobo Newsome Highway

10:45PM Update

At this time, all hazards associated with the accident on W. Bobo Newsom (SC-151) Highway have been safely removed. First responders are clearing from the scene. It is now safe to return to the area. The highway will be opened as crews clear from the scene.

7:30PM update:

According to Darlington County Emergency Management:

“ Crews are continuing to mitigate at the scene of the MVA today. There are still hazards that make it unsafe for the public to enter the area. First responders are working as fast as it is safe to do so to let the public in. We will notify the media as soon as the evacuation is lifted. “

At approximately 10:00 a.m. today, there was a motor vehicle accident on W. Bobo Newsom Highway, northwest of Hartsville. This wreck involved two commercial trucks carrying fuel. There were only minor injuries, but there were major damages. 

While the incident is being cleared up, we are asking the public to avoid traveling through the area. Bobo Newsom Hwy is closed between W. Old Camden Rd. and Substation Rd. Because of safety concerns, we do expect this to take several hours to clean up. 

Due to a fuel leak, fire command operations has called to evacuate the homes in the immediate area. The area being evacuated includes:

-3509- 3802 W. Bobo Newsom Hwy 

-Santee Dr to Lynches Dr.

-All of Lynches Dr

-Kirvin Dr to Winburn Dr.

-All of Winburn Dr.

-All of Lake Robinson Circle

Anyone needing a safe space to wait until they can return to their home may go to New Market Methodist Church at1909 W. Old Camden Rd, Hartsville, SC

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