Rundown on the new iOS 13

Apple unveiled the new iOS 13, and here are the top features you can look forward to.

Last year, Apple released iOS 12, and built upon it with the new version 13 that will be coming out soon!

Here are the top 7 things you can look forward to, and Apple has made some big claims:

  2. 50% Smaller Downloads / 60% Smaller App updates
  3. 2-times faster launch speeds (iOS 13 claims to be TWICE as fast as iOS 12)
  4. Shared audio - This is an option to share audio to to another device, so you both can watch a movie or something.
  5. NEW Keyboard - Featuring swipe-typing
  6. OVERHAUL of PHOTOS- now with the option of flipping/rotating videos

Here is the original Keynote:

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