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Denis Davis

Denis Davis likes to do 3 things: fun outdoor activities in Florence and the Pee Dee, travel, and playing your favorite songs! Also, cooking,...Full Bio


These are the most common excuses that people use for NOT getting in shape

You've been saying for a while that you plan on getting in shape but it just doesn't happen and a new survey reveals that the most common excuse people are due to their own personal choices so there's nobody to blame by themselves.

1. Unhealthy foods are just too tempting.

2. A lack of motivation.

3. I don't have enough time to exercise.

4. I can't resist all the treats and desserts around the holidays.

5. There's not enough time to make healthy meals.

6. I have a "treat yourself" mentality.

7. My significant other buys too much junk food.

8. My co-workers bring unhealthy food to share at work.

9. My family doesn't want to eat healthy.

10. My significant other makes food that isn't good for me. 


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