Denis Davis

Denis Davis

Denis Davis likes to do 3 things: fun outdoor activities in Florence and the Pee Dee, travel, and playing your favorite songs! Also, cooking,...Full Bio


Here are the 10 questions to ask your partner before getting married

1. How much alone time do you need?

2. If we won $5,000, how would you want to spend it?

3. Are you more afraid of being abandoned or being smothered?

4. How do you envision supporting your parents as they age?

5. In the middle of a fight, do you prefer to keep talking until you come to a solution? Or walk away, think and revisit the conversation later?

6. Are you monogamous?

7. What do you consider cheating?

8. What role will your family play in our life together?

9. What will you do if I get in a fight with someone in your family?

10. Would you rather finish all of the housework first and then relax and have fun? Or have fun first and put the housework off until later?

See more of the questions you can ask and why each of these questions is so important to your relationship. 

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