Video of what appears to be paranormal activity at a high school

Surveillance footage of alleged paranormal activity in the halls of a school in Ireland went viral because it's pretty terrifying, tbh.

The clip shows a series of unexplained events from a set of lockers appearing to violently shake with no visible force moving them to notebooks flying across the hall. According to reports, the spooky footage was conveniently captured Oct. 1 at 3 a.m. -- what is widely known as the "witching hour."

"If it’s a prank we don’t know how it was done. Motion sensors were set  off at this time, that’s how it was caught," the school's principal,  Aaron Wolfe, told UNILAD.

Wolfe said this isn't the first time something creepy has happened at the school, which is apparently the oldest school in the city at nearly 200 years old, according to the school website.

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