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Having trouble Sleeping? Check this out!

 The poll of 2,000 people also showed the optimum eight hours of sleep is achieved if people stop using their phones 37 minutes before closing their eyes.

1.  Make sure your bedroom is clean.  You'll sleep better if there's less clutter.


2.  Put on fresh sheets.


3.  Set your thermostat to 61 degrees.  Which seems pretty cold.  But that's the temperature the average person says they sleep best in.


4.  Don't sleep naked.  Most people said they sleep better in pajamas, or a shirt and underwear.  At 61 degrees, that probably makes sense.


5.  Make sure the room is totally dark.  So no lights, and no TV.


6.  Get in bed at 10:39 P.M.  Obviously that won't work for everyone.  The point is just to give yourself enough time to fall asleep, and still get 7 to 8 hours.


7.  Stop using your phone 37 minutes before you close your eyes.


8.  Read a few pages of a book.  Meaning an actual book.  If you use your phone or an iPad, the light can trick your brain into thinking it's daytime.


9.  Sleep on your right side with your legs curled up.


10.  If there's someone else in bed with you, don't spoon them.  Or ideally, you should be in your OWN bed.  Most people said they sleep better alone. 

Daily Mail

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