Report of a tornado touch down in the Hartsville area

The Pee Dee community is under a tornado watch until 3:00AM.

New this hour, we have a report of a tornado touch down in the Hartsville area (near Oates Highway). 

I was able to get in touch with one of the residents whose home was damaged by the tornado, Katie Deas.  

Denis: Did anyone in your family hear the tornado?

Katie Deas: "Yes my daughter did...I heard the wind and was looking outside and then all the sudden it hit the house and my windows started busting and the power went out. Me and the girls were home. My husband had run out to the gas station not too far from our house. We are all together now and the firemen and police are giving us the clear to head to Florence to go to my parents house..."

Weather update:  We are expecting severe thunderstorms tonight, and isolated thunderstorms and possible heavy rain is expected through the morning. Tornado watch in effect until 3:00AM.

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