Ways to Tweak Your Diet for Better Sleep

Not getting a good night sleep can be the worst and after 2-3 nights sleeping like garbage I did a little research that I'm hoping helps me and will maybe help you too.  

  • Eat often - "Just like it is important to have a consistent bedtime routine, consistent meal times are important for people who struggle to sleep well," says Lantier.
  • No spicy stuff before bed - "Stay away from spicy foods in the evening if you have a hard time sleeping. as these can cause GI distress and can keep you up at night," says Lantier.
  • Carbs are your friend - Carbs allow your body to make more of the sleep chemical we need to wind down available to the brain.
  • Stop eating an hour before you lay down - Most people take about 45 minutes to digest, so leave an hour before you fall asleep.
  • Drink water all day - The same research from the University of Pennsylvania found that normal sleepers are also the ones who drink the most water throughout the day.