So this happened to me last night when I went to a local fast food place...

My mind is so blown right now. Honestly, I do not expect GREAT service when I go to stores or restaurants. I REPEAT, i DO NOT expect great service.  I think we read so many negative comments about misc experiences on social media, that I've been desensitized to mediocre experiences.  Then, once something out of the ordinary happens, it is worthy of sharing the story.

It's human nature that we occasionally make honest mistakes.  An honest mistake happened when I ordered my food and didn't get all that I ordered (and paid for) at a local restaurant.  I called and talked to the manager on duty. I wasn't sure WHAT to expect? Perhaps an apology on the phone? Maybe a "be our guest card"? Maybe an invitation to drive across town and pick up what was not handed to me at the drive-thru? This is where it becomes extraordinary.

The manager on duty, Noah Trammell asked for my home address, after telling me that indeed they mistakenly omitted a kids meal from my order, and discovered it after I left. Noah personally delivered it to my house within 8 minutes.  I was so impressed with his commitment to excellence, that I took a selfie and posted the story to Facebook, and the post has gone viral.  Please help share, and should you see Noah, extend kindness to him, as he has extended kindness to me.  He is truly a rockstar when it comes to customer service, and thanks for taking a moment and allow me to brag about the fact that I got the pleasure of doing business with him.  Nobody delivers fast food and it was mind blowing that it happened.

Below you find the text and the actual Facebook post: 

"Mind is blown right now!After church, family was famished and we were in a hurry to get home. (Son has homework.) We went through the drive thru and ordered dinner at Chick-fil-A at Southside Commons. We paid for our order, got the food from the cashier, and went home. Once we got home, we took inventory and discovered my son didn't get his kids meal! Very disappointing. So I called the manager on duty, Noah.I called and explained what happened, expressed my disappointment, and Noah heard me.I said, "I most importantly wanted to tell you what happened, so that you are aware. It's when we are aware of customer experiences that we can improve on them. Not sure what you will do this time"

Noah said "I will deliver it to you, what's your address? ... I'll be there in 10 minutes."

Noah got here in 8 minutes. No words describe the level of customer service.... highly impressed! That's Noah in the picture. I had to take a moment and brag to you. Thanks for reading my post."

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